Sunday, November 3, 2013

Parker becomes a scriptwriter, producer, and director

Good evening readers. Tonight, instead of a typical "things are good I haven't blown up anything in chemistry class hi mom send more chocolate" kind of post (which, thankfully, there are few), I would like to shed some light on one of the cool classroom opportunities PLNU offers.

As a journalism major, I am required to take an introduction to TV and Film production class. The nature of the field of journalism is such that young journalists are often required to produce and edit their own news packages. Think of this like an editor-in-chief telling Craig -- a recent gruduate of PLNU -- to grab an HD camera, some microphones, and a few lights and go shoot a news package about Timmy falling into a well. Craig, because he is a graduate of PLNU, knows exactly what he needs to grab, and what to do with it once he's on location, and hopefully he makes sure to interview Lassie. In essence, that's what my COM243 is teaching me to do.

For other, non-journalism majors the class teaches the basics of film production. Many PLNU grads have gone on to work at top production companies, such as Pixar and Dreamworks. Additionally, our grads have won awards for the short films they made in the advanced film-making classes at PLNU.

For a noob such as me, though, trying to learn all of the terminology, techniques and procedures is difficult and time-consuming, but putting this knowledge into practice has been very entertaining. The major component of our grade is a small film we create as part of a group. We have the full (and impressive) repertoire of PLNU's film studio equipment at our disposal, and have several weeks to produce our product. I had the opportunity to write the script for our film, and this weekend our group began shooting. Though the project is far from complete, it was a unique experience for me, and one I really enjoyed.

Because our film is about surfers and has several long beach scenes, we had planned to shoot below the cliffs by PLNU. Unfortunately, the specific lighting we needed required us to be on scene at just after 7:00 am. On a Saturday. For college students, this is like donating a kidney.

Below are a few pictures from our shoot. I'll be sure to post our short film here on my blog when it's finished. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Looks like you got actors who didn't sit around sipping coffee and eating donuts, so kudos!